Get clear on your happy career path.

Go from stuck to moving forward as you start to uncover and plan the best career path for your future.

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Career happiness starts here, with you.

Career change for women

Life is too short to have an “ok” job that leaves you wishing for the weekend.

You deserve a career that uses your special talents and allows you to do good in the world (while having a life and great income).

To help you determine your best path forward, we offer tailored 1-to-1 services so you can transition to the path you’re meant for with confidence.

Our Career Clarity Services

We focus on 3 key areas to support you in creating the career and life you truly desire.


This is the foundation of career planning as we dive into what is important to you and what you have to offer to the world.

Career Paths

Through career exploration, we want to open up potential paths that could fit with what you want in a role.


How do you and the career path align? We take steps to ensure we are moving towards your long-term happiness and goals.

Amber Chow Career Coaching
About Me

I’m Amber, your Career Clarity Coach.

I’m no stranger to understanding the unique challenge of matching a career and education path that is in harmony with your unique skills, interests and personality. As a Career Coach, I guide my clients (young adults and early-to-mid career professionals) to get clear on what is truly important to them in a career and the next steps to achieve them. Whether you are looking to create a new path or redefine your vocation, I am here to support you.

Our Clients Say

I would highly recommend working with Amber. She was very quickly able to find out what would be useful for me in my career exploration and brought forward a lot of good questions! Amber was not only easy to work with but also made sure that I was gaining value in every session and never stopped with anything short of that.

Past Client

I’m not exaggerating if I say that this has been a life changing experience. I came here looking for guidance on career pivoting, and I received that and so much more. The process is completely based on your personality, therefore I have learned to know myself so much and in a deep way that I’ve been growing a lot personally as well.

Past Client

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