4 Reflection Questions For Evaluating a Career Pivot

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

I spent mine immersed in trip planning with my partner and two friends (another couple) and it was so fun.

My girl friend and I both have very strong J (Judging) personalities on our MBTI, and you could really see it come to life as we were planning!

If you have a J in your personality, you likely prefer more structure and knowing what the day is supposed to look like. You likely have a J if you are organized and like to plan.

The opposite, P (Perceiving), prefers to be less structured and more spontaneous, not knowing what each day is going to be like.

Feel free to reply back to the email and let me know which one is more you!

A Story For You If You’re Thinking of Making a Pivot From Your Original Plan

I made an important decision this week.

I decided not to move forward with a full launch with marketing my resume services.

At first, this decision came with a lot of guilt.

Some of those thoughts included:

  • I invested time and money into the advanced course and now that would be wasted.
  • This was going to be an additional revenue stream for me and now I changed my mind?! I’m supposed to be funding that trip!
  • You just don’t want to do the hard work, Amber. You’re lazy. What if you just try it for a bit?

Heh, that last one came from a very judgmental part of my brain that wanted to help still.

And yes – I could still push through and do the full launch.

But in the end, it just didn’t feel aligned anymore.

The reason I’m sharing this story is because I notice that society puts a lot of pressure on us to push through at whatever cost.

“To quit is to fail. Are you a failure?”

“You need to hustle harder and grind if you want to be successful.”

While this narrative is supposed to be well-intentioned, and there is a time and place for the hustle, it places an overwhelming focus on the destination.

And I believe all of the important stuff (ie. the growth) occurs in the journey.

Also, what is the point of the destination if it’s no longer where you want to go?

I will share some questions you can use to reflect when you find yourself wondering whether to commit to a previous decision or pivot to a new path:

1. Why did I initially make this decision?

Understanding your original motivations can provide insight into how your circumstances or perspectives have evolved.

Initially, my main WHY for the resume services was to create another income stream for myself where I got to be creative and work with new clients.

2. What has changed since I made this decision?

Identify the factors that have shifted. Perhaps you’ve researched more or taken further actions to lead you to this point. 

At this point in time, with what you know, would you still make the same decision?

For me, what changed was I had a lot of fun in the course learning about resumes but when I did the resume audits, I was having more fun coaching and advising on resumes instead! 

Hmm, what did that tell me, I wonder?

3. What will I gain if I continue with this decision? What are the benefits?

Of course, evaluate the positives of continuing with your decision. It will give you the logical side of the argument, especially if you have a strong F (Feeling) in your MBTI personality type, when it comes to making decisions.

In my case, the gains were the potential to support new clients who needed help with their resumes and the revenue stream associated with it.

4. What is the cost of continuing with this decision?

This is the other side – what would you be sacrificing if you continued down this path.

This was the biggest deciding factor for me.

The cost of launching a new resume service would mean more of my time and energy trying to get clients for a service that I am good at but sacrificing what I truly enjoy – which is the coaching and advising part of my job!

I could be using my time and energy to focus on finding new clients for coaching instead. That brings me more joy than creating resumes.

I hope seeing how I career coach myself provides some insight for you.

After I made the decision to let go of launching the resume services, I felt soooo much lighter.

I was back in alignment with me.

And while I won’t be marketing resume services right now, I know I can change my mind anytime I want to.

I am still happy to offer it to people who inquire about the service.

I am still happy to help current and past clients with their resumes.

I just don’t have to make a big deal marketing it and can focus on marketing my coaching services instead.

Your Quote of the Week

“Never quit something with great long-term potential just because you can’t deal with the stress of the moment.”

~ Seth Godin, The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit

I wanted to share this quote because it addresses a part I didn’t really talk about in the story above and that is…

If you know your path has great potential, beware of quitting when it feels like it’s getting hard.

This is when you may have to hustle more, but the path is truly aligned with where you want to go in the long-term and the benefits are greater than the costs (of feeling discomfort).

Your Reflection Question

What is something you can quit that is no longer serving you?

Think about it, journal, share it with a friend.

If you would like, you are welcome to share your reflection with me and I am also happy to hold space for your thoughts.

I hope you gained something from today’s email.

See you next week with another topic on career/life, an interesting quote and a question for you to reflect on for the week.

Take care,

PS. If you think any part of this email will help someone you know, please feel free to forward and share it with them. The more, the merrier.