25 Self Care Weekend Ideas for Rest, Relaxation and Recharge

In this article, you will find 25 self care ideas for your weekend so you can create rest, relax and recharge. Use this list to experiment and create your own ultimate self-care weekend.

If you work a full-time job, self-care might be the last thing on your mind.

However, creating your own self care weekend doesn’t have to always include bubble baths and massages (though it can)!

It can be simple, easy and not take too much time.

There are 8 areas of self-care: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, environmental, financial and professional. We will focus on the aspects of self-care that help you rest, relax and recharge.

Also, before you embark on your self care weekend, take a moment to check in with yourself to see what you need.

In reality, self care is going to look different for everyone.

So use this list as a way to experiment and create your ultimate self-care weekend.

25 Self-Care Weekend Ideas for Rest, Relaxation and Recharge

1. Go for a walk or hike in nature.

If you normally work at a desk, then going for a walk or hike on the weekend can be so energizing. Being surrounded by nature will help you feel more calm and relaxed while clearing your mind from the stress of the work week.

Doing regular exercise also improves your physical health and reduces your risk of chronic diseases in the future. This is an activity you can bring a friend or family member with you too.

2. Light a candle and meditate.

Connect with your spiritual side by lighting a candle and meditating.

I know most pictures show people meditating by sitting up but I like to meditate by lying down.

Then I usually listen to a guided meditation while connecting to my breath. I love that it grounds me and I feel so relaxed and recharged after my meditation.

3. Take some time to reflect and journal your thoughts.

When you are busy doing things, it’s hard to focus on yourself and what you are really feeling.

Journaling on your self care weekend will help you connect back to yourself and you might even learn more about yourself through reflection.

You can journal about anything – from how your week was, your thoughts, feelings, hopes for the future, etc.

4. Write and say positive affirmations.

Writing and saying positive affirmations during your weekend can help you prepare for a restful and relaxing weekend. I use positive affirmations whenever I want to be intentional about my day.

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5. Curl up with a good book.

When was the last time you read for fun? Reading a good book for a few hours can be a nice way to relax on your self care weekend, especially if it’s a rainy day.

I like to sit by the window and read, though most of the time I’m listening to an audiobook now.

6. Get creative with an adult coloring book.

When you work a lot, you forget to play. Coloring is a great way to get creative without having to think too much.

You can get some really nice coloring books from Amazon and just have fun.

By having fun, you are recharging your energy plus coloring is therapeutic.

7. Do a puzzle.

This is another activity I find to be super therapeutic. When I do puzzles, I notice myself focusing on the pieces and it takes away any stresses from work.

Feel free to do this with a friend, spouse, or family member so everyone can benefit from self care on the weekend.

8. Practice gratitude.

This is an activity that you can do on your own or share with others the gratitude you feel towards them.

You can write in your journal what you are grateful for or go a step further and let someone know you are grateful to have them in your life.

9. Soak in the bathtub or have a bubble bath.

Bubble baths seem to be on every weekend self-care list and for good reason. It is relaxing and rejuvenating for your body and mind!

Soaking in the bathtub feels like such a luxury especially when you use bath salts or a nice-smelling bath bomb.

10. Get a massage or take a spa day.

Whether you play sports regularly or sit all day, getting a massage on the weekend will relax your muscles.

Taking care of your body is an important part of self care.

Make it even more relaxing by booking a spa package or do it at home with face masks and a hot foot bath.

11. Get a face mask and indulge in pampering your skin.

Take care of yourself this weekend by putting on a face mask to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

If you’ve been neglecting your skincare routine, this is a great time to indulge and do the full routine now that you have a bit more time.

12. Take a nap.

I personally love naps and take them whenever I need them. So if you’re feeling tired during your weekend, take a nap!

You will feel more refreshed once you can catch up on the sleep you might be missing from the week.

13. Join a workout class or do your favorite home workout.

This can be a social self-care activity or a solo one. Check your local area for classes like dance, yoga, spin, kickboxing, etc.

There are so many types of workouts and you can also bring a friend with you.

If you prefer a solo workout, Youtube has a lot of yoga or pilates workouts you can try.

14. Listen to music.

Listening to music has so many benefits. It can reduce stress, boost energy levels and elevate your mood.

Listen to music while you are taking care of your weekend chores or just have a dance party in your room.

Or just listen to your favorite music while you’re relaxing on the couch or your bed and I guarantee it will elevate your mood.

15. Disconnect from your phone or social media.

It can be hard to get a moment to yourself when there are so many funny cat and dog videos to watch on Tiktok.

Give yourself the gift of turning off your phone or deleting your social media apps for the weekend and see how free it feels to not check social media.

(I’ve done it and it feels awesome!)

16. Go to a cat cafe.

Spending time with animals is so rejuvenating. I love visiting cafes with animals since I don’t have my own pets.

It’s so peaceful to sit with a cat (or dog or bunny or your animal of choice) and share a special moment together.

17. Cook or bake your favorite food.

If you enjoy cooking or baking, make a plan this weekend to make your favorite food.

Self care in the form of food is one of my favorite types of self care since I love to eat.

18. Host a board game night.

If you’re looking for something social for your self care weekend, host a board game night. It is low effort – get some games, snacks and invite some friends and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

19. Go on a date.

Treat yourself to a fun solo date or go out with your partner. This type of self-care is pretty open-ended as you can do anything from going to your favorite coffee shop, trying a new restaurant or do a fun outdoor activity.

20. Call someone you love.

Self-care on the weekend includes tending to the relationships that are important to you.

Call a family member, a friend, or anyone you care about – they will be happy you called and you will be glad you called.

21. Attend a fun class.

This is a great weekend activity to do with friends or on your own. You can choose something you enjoy or try something new in your local area.

Examples of a fun class might be a cooking class, dance class, pottery, painting, crafts, language class, etc.

22. Reminisce over old photos.

Remember that collection of old baby photos your parents kept of you? It can be nostalgic to think about the past, the people you care about and how life used to be.

You don’t have to go all the way back to your baby photos. Even just looking at photos from one year ago can trigger fun memories that you may have forgotten.

23. Tidy up and organize your living space.

Sometimes self-care involves tidying up and making your environment less cluttered.

If you like cleaning, this could be relaxing or not so relaxing but guaranteed once it’s all tidied up, you will probably feel much more relaxed and happy during the week.

24. Plan a fun weekend getaway.

A self-care weekend getaway can be fun and relaxing and you get to plan it however you like!

Perhaps you can spend one weekend planning it and then go away the following weekend.

Travel to your favorite places to relax or tap into your adventurous side and go somewhere new.

25. Make a vision board mapping out your life goals.

Creating a vision board to map is a fun weekend activity to map out your life’s desires and what is truly important to you.

By reflecting on how you want your life to look, you can take steps towards that life.

Make sure to include some form of self-care on your vision board to make sure you don’t burn out along the way!

PS. Use the Career Audit course (below) to map out your life goals and create a vision board that speaks to you.

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How do you indulge in self-care on a weekend?

Self-care looks different for everyone depending on their needs and what fills their cup.

Only you can decide what you need in a particular weekend and it might change week by week.

The above ideas are examples you can choose from to create your perfect self-care weekend.

What should I do on a self-care Saturday?

I find that Saturdays are a great day to relax if you work from Monday to Friday.

Start the day slow by making yourself a healthy breakfast and spend some time reflecting and journaling your thoughts. You may take some time to plan what needs to get done on the weekend.

Spend the afternoon relaxing by reading a book or going for walk. If you would like a social weekend, invite a loved one to do a self-care activity together.

Finish your day by lighting a candle to meditate or practice gratitude. Expressing gratitude is a soothing way to complete your Saturday.

What should I do on a self-care Sunday?

I find that Sundays are a great day to prepare for the week.

Start the day by writing and saying your positive affirmations for the week. This allows you to be intentional about what you want to do on Sunday to prepare for the rest of the week.

Spend the afternoon tidying up so you can have a clean space during the rest of the week. If you would like more of a social Sunday, meet up with a friend to do a self-care activity together.

Finish your day by putting on a face mask to hydrate your skin and look fresh for Monday.

How to self-care at home?

Most of the activities listed in this article can be done at home.

There’s no right or wrong way to do self-care as long as you are taking actions to preserve or improve your own health.

My favorite solo activities for self-care at home include journaling, meditating and napping if I’m tired.

My favorite social activities for self-care at home include board game night, puzzles and calling a friend.

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