38 Sunday Affirmations for Self-Care, Positivity and Preparation for the Week

In this article, you can find 38 Sunday affirmations to help with self-care, positivity and preparation for the upcoming week.

Sunday is a day of rest and rejuvenation to prepare for the upcoming work week.

Part of my Sunday routine includes Sunday affirmations so I can be intentional and grounded throughout the day. If you’re looking to adding Sunday affirmations to your self-care practice, you’re in the right place.

If you’re new to this, Sunday affirmations are positive statements (which can be as simple as “I am powerful”) that you repeat to yourself to create a shift in your mindset.

By repeating positive affirmations on a regular basis, you can change the way you think and feel about yourself.

This inner work is powerful and transformative to live happier and healthier.

Sunday affirmations have become an invaluable tool for me in my personal development journey.

  • Positive affirmations keep me focused and motivated when challenges arise.
  • I am able to reframe my thinking throughout the day which has helped me become happier.
  • My Sunday morning affirmations keep me focused and motivated so I get more done.

If you take the time to practice positive affirmations on your Sunday, I am confident you will see shifts in yourself over time like I have seen for myself.

The Best Sunday Positive Affirmations

If you’re new to creating positive affirmations, you’re in luck! Here is my list of the best Sunday affirmations that you can try for yourself.

I am sharing my best affirmations for Sunday self-care, positivity and preparing for the work week ahead.

  1. “I am capable of creating the life and career I truly desire.”
  2. “I hold the key to my own happiness.”
  3. “I trust that time for self-care is productive.”
  4. “I practice loving myself unconditionally.”
  5. “I am worthy of achieving my goals and manifesting abundance in my life.”
  6. “I trust that everything is unfolding for me in perfect timing.”
  7. “I am capable of creating positive change in my life.”
  8. “I am grateful for the gifts my life has to offer.”
  9. “I open up to possibility and let go of what no longer serves me.”
  10. “I have the strength to do what is best for me.”

Tip: feel free to play around with the words and choose an affirmation that you would like to embody and practice for yourself.

However, just in case the above positive affirmations don’t resonate with you, I’ve listed more affirmations later on in this blog post that you can steal for yourself.

Affirmations are such a simple yet effective way to improve your mental and emotional well-being. Give it a try and see how it can benefit you.

It is easy to incorporate affirmations into your daily routine, and you can do it anywhere, whether you are at home, at work or out for a walk.

The Importance of Practising Sunday Affirmations

Sunday is a great day to start your affirmations practice because it marks the beginning of a new week.

By setting positive intentions for the week ahead, you can start each day with a positive mindset and be more productive, motivated, and fulfilled.

As you practice your Sunday affirmations, you can expand your practice to other days of the week.

Over time, you will notice positive benefits with your affirmation practice, including:

  • Improved self-esteem while creating a positive self-image that aligns with your true self.
  • Increased motivation to focus on your goals and stay motivated to achieve them.
  • Greater resilience to develop a more positive attitude towards challenges and setbacks, thus making it easier to bounce back from difficult situations.
  • Better relationships as you communicate your needs and desires more effectively with others.
  • Better sleep quality as you can relax and fall asleep more easily.

With all these amazing benefits, I recommend making it a habit to start your Sunday with positive affirmations. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it can make in your life.

How to Practice Sunday Affirmations Effectively

We’ve covered the importance of affirmations but how do you practice positive affirmations effectively?

Follow these 5 simple tips:

  • Identify what you need – Listen to your body and let it tell you what it needs to hear from you. Reflect on how it aligns with your goals and what you want for yourself.

  • Start small – Create a simple and short affirmation that you can focus on each day. This will help start the habit of using positive affirmations daily. I recommend having no more than 3 affirmations at one time to focus on.

  • Keep it positive – Make sure that your affirmations are always positive and don’t contain any negative statements. This keeps you focused on what you want to see happen. Our human brains will focus on negative statements if given the opportunity.

  • Focus on the feeling – Tune into the feeling that you want to embody from this affirmation. When you can embody the affirmation in thought and feeling, the belief becomes stronger.

  • Repeat – Repeating your affirmations regularly will help you to internalize them and make them part of your belief system. I’ve been told to say it for 17 times in one sitting and trust me, by the 17th time it started getting really ingrained into my brain. Let this be a daily routine for yourself.

If you follow these steps when practising your affirmations, I know you will start seeing a difference in just a few days time like I did.

If you can see a difference it can make in just a few days, imagine the difference in a week’s time, or a month’s time… or even in a year!

28 More Sunday Affirmations

I promised more affirmations so here are more that you can play around with and make your own.

Sunday Morning Affirmations to Brighten Your Day

  1. “I am worthy of love and happiness.”
  2. “I choose to focus on the positive.”
  3. “I am surrounded by love and abundance.”
  4. “I am filled with gratitude for all the blessings in my life.”
  5. “I radiate positivity and happiness to those around me.”
  6. “I am open to new experiences and opportunities.”
  7. “I choose to let go of negative thoughts and embrace positivity.”

Sunday Reset Affirmations for Self-Care and Relaxation

  1. “I am worthy of taking time for myself and my well-being.”
  2. “I invite peace and calm into my body.”
  3. “I will nourish my body today with healthy food and exercise.”
  4. “I am grateful for my health.”
  5. “I trust in my ability to balance my work and personal life.”
  6. “I am filled with peace and love.”
  7. “I work hard and I am worthy of time to myself.”

Sunday Evening Affirmations to Prepare for the Week

  1. “I am worthy of success and abundance in my career.”
  2. “I am capable when tackling new challenges.”
  3. “I trust my experience to guide me in making good decisions.”
  4. “I am open to learning and growing in my career.”
  5. “I am supported by my colleagues and mentors.”
  6. “I am grateful for my job and the contribution I bring to the company.”
  7. “I trust in my ability to achieve my career goals.”

Monday Affirmations to Help You Conquer the Start of Your Week

Now that you have your Sunday affirmations, it doesn’t hurt to have something for Monday too.

You can use the same affirmation as Sunday if you would like or create something new for Monday. Experiment and choose what’s best for you!

  1. “I am excited and motivated to start this new week.”
  2. “I am blessed to have this job/career.”
  3. “I am determined to succeed today.”
  4. “I will use my skills to the best of my ability.”
  5. “I am grateful for the opportunities and growth I will experience this week.”
  6. “I am worthy regardless of what happens today.”
  7. “I trust in my ability to handle any challenges that come my way.”

I hope these positive Sunday affirmations are helpful in setting you up for an amazing week. The more you practice your affirmations, I know you will start to see amazing changes in your life.

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